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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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roots. >> you will continue to see santa clara grow, and prosper. we provide the lowest for utilities and have some of the brightest people that come here to work and provide the fabric, which is silicon valley. >> google glass allows users to take pictures and surf the web. it is expected to retail for around $1500. who is going to be the first ones to get the eyes on google glass, tech, and business. anchor, scott mcgrew will have that answer reporting in a little bit. bob redell, "today in the bay." dozens of neighbors are expected to show up to protest the location of mcdonald's on or charred farms shopping center on bollinger and miller. they turned it down last month saying it was not appropriate
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for the neighborhood. several schools are in the neighborhood. a community meeting will be held tonight. san jose city councilman is expected to attend a man accused of duping a bay area woman out of thousands of dollars in a super bowl ticket scam could be in court. he is in jail and could be extradited to alameda county. he put an ad on craigslist offering to buy four super bowl tickets. sharon osgood responded and wired him $5900. when she checked the mail instead of tickets, she received a taunting note that said, go ravens. the ceo of ticket master gave the family four super bowl tickets. any money recovered will go back to ticket master. a massive burglary spree in a palo alto parking garage may be opened this morning. they spotted a suspect acting
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oddly tuesday night at this parking garage where some 45 cars have been broken into on high street. minutes later, officers found two new car break-ins. a few blocks away, officers said they found the suspect and two others inside a stolen car. they found cash and electronics as well as heroin syringes we could learn more about adam lanza, the shooting that killed the children at the sandy hook elementary school. we could learn this morning why he committed those crimes. arturo santiago with details on new documents expected to be released later the warrants are related to the searches of adam lanza's car and house. these are warrants that have been sealed but the order expired yesterday. the information being released will be made available at 6:00 this morning. the expectation is that whatever
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information comes out of the warrants could give some insight into the motives for the shooting massacre in newtown. december 14th, 20-year-old adam lanza shot and killed his mother at their home and drove to sandy hook elementary school where he massacred 20 first graders and six educators. he shot and killed himself as police arrived at the school. it has been previously reported that lanza had interest in other mass killings. authorities had discovered literature on other massacres at his home. again, information in the fwrarnts the newtown shooting will be released at 6:00 this morning. some of the details on the warrants are being withheld, such as the name of witnesses, telephone numbers and serial numbers of items already found. we are watching the situation and will have the latest information before it is available. >> not much rain is falling or fell throughout the night. you will find some slick rhodes as you head out the door.
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christina loren joins us with a look at the forecast. a good-looking day shaping up. that heavier rain will hold off before the weekend. if you want to get outdoors, make plans to do so. you may get caught under a pesky shower. a foggy start to the day on the golden gate bridge. we are not expecting the fog to last all day long. i want to point out how mild it is to start. 57 degrees, almost 60 degrees in places like san jose to start the day. 59, sunnyvale. 55, san mateo. one of those mornings you might have to open up the windows because it is a little bit too warm in your home for comfort. as we head throughout the day, temperatures will be nice and mild because of the mild start. high pressure still in control even with areas of low pressure trying to sneak in. that ridge is going to hold strong. temperatures are going to end up a little warmer than yesterday. searching for fog and drizzle. you can see it at 7:00 a.m., fog
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will be at its thickest. expecting heavy drizzle for your morning commute. hard to dictate where those cells will be heaviest. you want to keep that in mind and travel cautiously. mike and i are watching the east shore and the immediate coast for you. 70 inland today, 66 bayside, coast, right around 61 degrees. our chance for rain gets better as we head deeper into the day. we will take you to the forecast. i will show you your futurecast for showers and what's to come for this weekend. getting pretty close to that holiday weekend. let's check your drive. problems because of the weather, mike. >> possibly. because there has been some mist throughout the area. this is what we are seeing on the lens. this is the camera at the san mateo bridge. you can't clearly see that because of the mist on the lens. we are looking over toward 101 northbound through redwood city. we do have a crash still working
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there. there was a traffic break reported on the northbound side, because it shows slowing right now out of millbrae and down towards the scene. chp is running some sort of traffic break to move cars to the shoulder. otherwise, light volume. we are looking at the traffic weather index. the earlier crash has cleared. no problems through livermore. coming in out of the altamont pass, debris might be blocking one lane. we may see a traffic break there. one more shot of the south bay and a clear view of this spot from 101. 5:08. tonight, the world series champs are back home for the first time since winning it all last fall. you will notice a few changes at at&t park. we are not talking about a new championship banner. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the park with the high-tech additions.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as if watching them play and win the world series twice in recent years wasn't exciting enough, the giants are adding another level of fan fun to the experience. they are opening a new social media center. it should be opened very soon. the biggest upgrade to the park in years. the new social media center will be in the former build-a-bear store behind the outfield bleachers. it will have a coffee bar, high-def tv so you won't miss a thing. the team's hash tag is fifth behind huge names like nfl, nascar, mlb and the olympics. their popularities in the cyberworld is what sparked this idea where fans can read the best tweets and see the best
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pictures from real time. there will be increased wi-fi capacity, new charging stations and in the social media center, that expanded wi-fi capacity has more than doubled. it won't be ready for tonight's game. more like late april, early may. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> very cool. thanks, kristy. 5:10. another bay area community says, don't light up here. >> how one city in the south bay is honoring activist hugo chavez. lucky charms?!
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at 5:13, we have a new stroller recall. bugaboo americas is recalling more than 29200 camilleian strollers. the handles can break and creates a fall hazard. the company has 16 reports of broken handles but no injury reports. the strollers were sold nationwide between september of last year through just this month. if you have the stroller, contact bugaboo for a free replacement handle 5:13. google making a recall of its own this morning of invitations for google glass tryouts. some who got the magic ticket don't have one any longer people would tweet out why they wanted to be the first to try the new google glass. google may have said yes to just about anybody who applied. some people that sent out incredibly sarcastic or even rude tweets about the program were approved, the kind of tweets we really can't read on
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tv. in withdrawing some of the offers, google said, we need honest feedback from people who are not only enthralled and excited by glass, but also people that are skeptical and critical of it. that said, it's become clear that a few applications that don't comply with our terms and have slipped through the cracks we're going to have to disqualify those applications shares in tesla, the company says it will provide mercedes with an all electric engine for its upcoming car. let's turn to courtney reagan for a broader look. good morning. futures are lower after stocks fell off yesterday sparked by a big drop on concerns italy may not form a new government without a new election. investigators are watching cyprus. residents only able to withdraw $375 a day and are banned from cashing checks at least for the time being.
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here, we will get data on unemployment, manufacturing and the final read on fourth quarter gdp. the dow fell 30 points for 14,526 and the nasdaq edged up to 3256 where trade starts when the opening bell sounds courtney mentioned cyprus. i want to show you slil different video. this is a truck. it looks almost like a garbage truck. what is it full of? money, euros, shipped in from germany. this is what the european credit crisis looks like when you look at it backstage. you wanted a, it's a wonderful life moment, put cash everywhere. this is it. this is one of the reasons the germans are so unsatisfied with the eu is because they have to ship money in trucks to their
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partners. >> it looked like they were just cheaping along. >> like the european economy. >> let's see what's coming up with the snow. results not expected to be so great. we had that dry january. turned out bad results during the last snow survey when we found out the snow pack was 93% of average. we do need that snow up there. >> we have a little bit of rain. >> 93% of average. >> that ain't bad. >> we always want more because it keeps that ski season going longer and makes us a little bit more confident in our water supply for the summer months. we are doing better than we were last year with more rain on the way and snow on the way in tahoe. when we meet back here monday, we'll have some new information to go over you.
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55 to start the day in livermore. 57 in san jose. you are 1 degree away from 60 at 5:17 in the morning from sunnyvasunn sunnyvale. you don't need the heavy court. steady drizzle reported along the immediate coastline. all your metropolitan cities are looking pretty good in terms of adviceable. we are expecting these numbers to drop off. fog will be at its thickest between 7:00 and 9:00 today. we are watching for fog this morning. didn't play much of a factor yesterday. area of low pressure stays offshore for today. it is going to drive some showers in, not until the second half of the day. we saw the clock at about 1:00. same deal as yesterday. light, spotty activity. showers are coming up from the south moving to the north. that's why our temperatures aren't dropping off all that much. we are still going to hit highs close to 70 degrees. for friday, 75 degrees. showers holding off until about
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5:00, 6:00. they will be light. by saturday afternoon, we start to get the more organized, showery pattern. sunday, we're waiting for this band of moisture. we could pick up brief heavy downpours where rates are at 1 inch per hour. we will be able to make up the tolls. hard to tell with a cut-off low. we are going to pick up half an inch to an inch of rain in the north bay. as we head throughout the day showers on the way through 1:00 p.m. saturday, sunday, active days. monday, tuesday, we clear you out and warm you up. we meet back here next week talking 70s again. spring break, any lighter than usual. >> it is a little bit lighter. we did finally see that yesterday. spring break rolling around the
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bay. that will change the flow. right now, looking at the peninsula. i told you. you see the slowing in the southbound, something going on. it was updated. southbound direction. we had a break going on. there is a crash as you are heading down through burlingame. all activity cleared from the lane. over on the shoulder. we see some slowing. that should clear pretty soon. coming down off of 101 and millbrae in towards burlingame and redwood city. 1500 people affected. we're checking on the cause. here is the south bay. a nice, easy drive north through the area. a clear view here. 880 moves at the limit throughout fremont and south of dunbarton bridge. not a problem for the roadway. visibility fine. slow at the off ramp. the bay bridge, fog and mist and drizzle around the roadways.
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>> there are signs that the supreme court may strike down the federal law that denies legally married, same-sex couples the same benefits offered to heterosexual ones. the majority indicated they could invalidate part of the federal marriage act knowns adoma. the provigs that defines it as a union between a man and a woman for purposes of law. a ruling not expected until june. when we are expecting to hear if california's ban on same-sex marriage is legal san jose city leaders will hold a special ceremony honoring mex c mexican-americans. the flag of the united farm workers will be raised tonight. caesar chavez carried that flag as he pioneered the civil rights
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movement. caes caesar chavez iz on sunday the san ramon city council outlawed smoking in public buildings and apartment units. smoking will only be allowed in designated areas of apartment complexes and must be 25 feet away from any single unit or kids' play area. safety versus savings, the new risk when it comes hive brid ca of hybrid cars of putting people at morris can after a crash.
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welcome back. live look outside san francisco. 5:24. a popular hybrid car may have an unforeseen risk in an emergency. first responders say in a crash, the hybrid could be your worst
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enemy, because the same components that make the car fuel-efficient could make the car a potential death trap in a serious accident. there are high voltage cables running through the car's frame that are connected to the battery. if the first responder doesn't know the car, it cob a deadly result. >> most of the amperage on the hybrid can be up to 100 amps or greater. the potential to kill you instant is right there. >> if we have to access that area, although that would be rare, it would take a little bit of due care not to breach that cable. >> toyota which makes the prius hybrid says it is aware of the problem and training first responders since the launch in the early 2000. we just saw the cloud cover over san francisco. a little bit of dampness on the roadways. >> you walk out your front door. almost 60 degrees out there. we are going to drop off as we get closer to sunrise. that will hit at 7:06 this
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morning. temperatures will fall into the mid-60s. with mild readings, 70 inland and tomorrow, 75 degrees with rain in the forecast. so some tropical moisture continues to creep up from the south. we are going to see a pretty interesting pattern over the course of your easter sunday. if you are trying to head out of town, we will take you to the forecast. first, we want to check your drive with mike. >> the blur on this san mateo camera starts to clear a little bit. the mist drying on the lens. there is something going on. it looks like it is just off to the shoulder. i will track this carefully. westbound, that is your commute direction, heading over towards the peninsula. on the peninsula, southbound 110 continues to recover after the earlier crash. we had a traffic break heading down out of millbrae and over towards broadway and burlingame. all activity on the shoulder
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bound to be a distraction. that should clear. to the south bay, a smooth drive. the northbound routes haven't yet kicked in for the south bay commute. we will see the build coming up over the next 20 minutes for 101 through san jose. the east bay, the southeast shore freeway, you can see the cars building in the distance. close to the limit throughout berkeley and approaching the bay bridge. marijuana supporters in oregon have launched a new push to legalize pot. the marijuana policy project has posted this new billboard comparing pot to beer and wine. they are trying to get an initiative on the ballot in 2016. their argument is that marijuana is safer than alcohol when used spop spli. new details we are learning about an officer involved
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shooting in the south bay.
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responsibly. we have pop-up showers on the radar. the forecast coming up in a few moments. >> we'll see how the weather is affecting your drive on the road. i have a major slowdown on one of the roads coming up. you made it to thursday, march 28th. "today in the bay."
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good morning. thanks for joining us a man from canada is behind bars in connection with charges he tried to arrange sex with a 16-year-old girl from san mateo. they arrested the 26-year-old on a charge of having child porn on his cell phone. he was arrested at sfo where he allegedly arranged to meet a teenage girl. in reality, the meeting was arranged by police officers that posed at the girl online and waiting for him when he arrived at the airport. >> there is a charge of attempted statutory rape involving sex with a minor under 18 to travel for the purpose of committing some type of sexual offense on a minor is also a crime. there is also the child
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pornography charges. >> he was released on bail and continued down to san diego when officers suspected he may be in possession of child pornography and that's when they issued a new warrant. he was arrested in san diego. no word on when he is expected to be released san jose police involved in a third shooting, this one involving a woman. the driver tried to run over an officer who was standing on the street. the officer reportedly feared for his life and opened fire into the car. >> we walked over there. you could see that the cops had their guns drawn. >> the female driver and the man in the car with her were both injured but they are expected to survive. the police officer was not hurt. 5:32. california's high-speed rail authority is suing everybody, literally. the state filed a lawsuit against, quote, all persons interested as a blanket approach to validate billions of dollars
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if bonds for the project. by suing everybody at once, the rail authority is basically protecting itself against future lawsuits. that could derail the project. a summons for people interested in joining the lawsuit will be published once a week for three weeks in five major newspapers. it is not clear when the hearings would begin. >> google's latest gadgets made in our backyard. the report from the financial times. good morning, bob. good morning, jill. we are getting silicon valley back to the manufacturing roots. you might recognize the name of the manufacturing. foxconn, the uns thones that manufacture in china.
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they will start turning out google glass in the next few weeks. google chose this location because it is so close to their headquarters in mountain view. this way, engineers can keep a close eye on the assembly, in case they need to make tweaks since their hi-fi-high-tech product is so complex. this production could eventually be moved oversees. not clear how many, if any, jobs will be created. we spoke to the mayor of santa clara who is excited to see google join other companies bringing manufacturing back to silicon valley. >> we are in a blessed place. we planned for the recovery to come. we are reaping all the benefits from it. you will see a lot of construction happening. google glass allows users to take pictures, check e-mail and surf the web all from that eyeglass device. just yesterday, the tech giant
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announced the winners of its contest to see who will be able to test out the product before it goes on sale to the public. they announced the names of 8000 people. when it does go john saon sale, pektsed to retail. 5:34. tonight, the world series champs are back home for the first time since winning it all last fall. you will notice a few changes this season at at&t park. we north talking about a new championship banner. today's christie smith is live in the park with the new high-tech additions. christi, good morning. fans will get a chance to see the real time activity going on in at&t park with a new social media center opening up this season. at&t park will more than double their wi-fi capacity, adding charging stations for mobile
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devices and mobile tablets. this is the first for major league baseball. it will be located in the former build-a-bear store, a pete's coffee bar and plenty of high-deaf tvs. the giants are first among major baseball teams and third on twitter with 400,000 followers. fourth on facebook with 1.6 million likes. it was that twitter popularity that got the ball rolling with us in the first place. at the center, fans can read the best tweets going out and pictures that are being posted about the san francisco giants. if you are coming tonight for the exhibition game, well, the center won't be open just yet. it is more likely it will open late april, early may. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." you can watch the giants take on the a's from the comfort of your own home. gametime is 7:15 right here in the broadcast home, the world
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champion giants. i think we are ready for baseball. giants opening day is april 1st. in los angeles. there are other keys you will want to be aware of. home opener, april 5th against the st. louis cardinals. a few days later on the 7th, the players will get those glitzy world series rings. on may 3rd, it is metallica night. on july 10th, the big giants slumber party. after the game, fans can camp out at at&t park. get your jammies ready. >> christina loren will have the forecast for us. will they get rained on in the park? >> a little drizzle at the very least. we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. by 7:00 p.m. when the game takes place, we are not expecting a lot of activity and drizzly fog. 57 to start. good morning to you, san jose.
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we are about 8-10 degrees warmer than any day so far this week and warmer than yesterday. we have a good-looking day shaping up today. the little cells we are going to be tracking for you. they are hard to pinpoint where they are going to end up. count on maybe getting a little spritz or pesky shower on your way to work. you might have to use your windshield wipers. mostly cloudy, isolated showers by today. friday, we're going to increase your shower chance, not until the evening hours. we are going to warm you up by 5-8 degrees tomorrow. we are getting closer to 80 degrees with rain in your forecast for friday. as we get through the weekend, widespread rain and thunderstorms come into the mix. we have a lot to talk about when it comes to your easter sunday forecast. 70 degrees, inland. 66 bayside at the coast. 61 degrees. as promised, here is mike and how those weather changes are impacting your drive if they
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are. let's check with him. >> they may. they should impact your driving technique. that will be the case at the off ramps around the bay area. we are looking at san jose as that build happens. you are going to alan roth, mckie. that's where the first slowing shows up. the map is not showing anything other than a little bit down towards 50. right under where it says san jose at the top of the screen. 85, 87, all looking just fine here. southbound 17, your major connect nor do connector town toward the hill. a crash on the northbound side taking out one lane with emergency crews. major front-end damage to at least one car that remains in the roadway. we saw a big backup coming out of the laurel area. they may be clearing the second lane as we speak. tri-valley, where things are starting to get more crowded.
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580 over towards the interchange. a tip ypical build pattern. a look at oakland shows you a smooth drive. there is less glow to this shot. there is less moisture in the air. slick roadways may be the case at the off ramps. back to you. thank you, mike. 5:39. los gatos-based netflix is revealing their newest series. sense 8 is the duo behind the matrix trilogy in last year ace cloud atlas. the sci-fi series will be the first tv effort by the duo. the ten-episode series will debut in late 2014. very little is known about the series, only that it is, quote, a gripping, global tale of minds linked and souls hunted. san jose's tech museum about to embark on a journey to a galaxy far, far away. they are holding a kickoff event to announce a new star wars
5:38 am
event. billy d. williams, played hanz solo's buddy. he is going to be a guest speaker. joined by san jose mayor, chuck reed, as well as other costume characters from the film. the new exhibit called star wars, where science meets imagination, is expected to open at the tech museum in the fall. >> the young girl shot with an arrow tells us what singer helped her get through the pain. we'll hear from her next nelson mandela, back in the hospital. the latest details on the condition of the former leader of south africa.
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welcome back at 5:42. new this morning, former south african leader, nelson mandela is back in the hospital being treated to are a lung infection. a statement released by the current president says the 94-year-old went to the hospital just before midnight. the statement says mandela is being treated for a, quote, recurrence of his lung infection. doctors are insuring that he has
5:41 am
the best possible treatment. mandela has been hospitalized several times in recent years for various ilmentes south african olympian, oscar pistorius, free to leave the country to compete in international competition. a judge just handed down that ruling in the last 24 hours. the 26-year-old successfully challen challenged his bail conditions, including restrictions on him traveling abroad. they see no reason why he shouldn't be able to compete if invited to track events. he is cuesed of killing his girlfriend. >> we may get a better understanding of what motivated newtown shooter, adam lanza. the connecticut court will release previously sealed court documents that may shed more information on his state of mind on that day. they cover searches done at his home and car.
5:42 am
the records were sealed immediately after the december school shooting. a full report is expected this summer. "today in the bay's" arturo santiago is keeping an eye on those details colorado prosecutors will accept a plea deal offer. james holmes has agreed to plead guilty and spend the rest of his life in prison in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. holmes is charged with murdering 12 people and injuring dozens of others during a mass shooting last summer during the showing of "the dark knight rises'. 5:44. a missing ten-year-old girl from los angeles is safe this morning and now the search is on for her kidnappers. the girl was found about 12 hours after she vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night. she told police, two men took her. police aren't sure of a motive. they say it appears the girl did not know her captors. police are investigating a truck found at an industrial warehouse that is believed to have been
5:43 am
used by the kidnappers people on washington state's would-be island are slowly being allowed to return home. neighbors say it sounded like sonic boom and felt like an earthquake early yesterday morning when the ground began to give way. 34 homes were evacuated. one was knocked off its foundation when about 600 feet of hillside gave way in the middle of the night. how frightening. they have checked the area and fire and rescue officials say they can now return home. those pictures are hard to look at. >> no kidding. can you imagine being in one of those homes? it looks like the land was pretty saturated as well. >> all the greenery out there too. >> you know if you live somewhere like that in a wooded area, you have that chance. people that live in the santa cruz mountains, we know. you run that risk. >> you know what, we do have pretty significant rainfall headed our way. not until sunday. today, we have been pretty good. we will hit the mid to upper 50s for now. we will be in the mid to upper
5:44 am
50s through 9:00 a.m. temperatures are going to stay mild to start. that means today we will be able to hit the 70s. comfortable readings temperaturewise. look what's popping up on the radar. these pesky showers starting to increase. as we head throughout the day, we will see just this, these little pesky cells developing. if you get caught under a shower, it will be very light. if you are wearing something nice to work today, keep in mind, it is going to be warm out there. we do have showers around. we have a little bit of fog around. we are tracking that for you. visibility is improving since we showed you them the last 15 minutes. that's the good news. we are expecting the fog to settle to the surface. as we head throughout the day, by 10:00 a.m., partly cloudy conditions. a little bit of light, spotty activity mostly in the south bay at that point as the showers are creeping up from the south and pushing to the north. we are able to stay closely at
5:45 am
70 degrees. cut-off low starts to push inland. widespread rain showers mostly saturday afternoon. they will continue into early sunday. you can see the core of low pressure, yellow embedded within deeper green. light to moderate rainfall, heavy rainfall anticipated over the coast as we head throughout easter sunday. a 20-30% chance of thunderstorms as we head through sunday morning into the early afternoon hours. it does look like we are going to clear out by late afternoon on easter sunday. so it is not going to be a total wash out. we still have the clock for you, looking good as we head throughout the next couple of days. the showers will be spotty for today and tomorrow. best chance for rain, saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday, we dry you out, warm you up. we are looking good. we could keep a half inch of rain. the bay bridge toll plaza, just before 6:00, thursday, a
5:46 am
lighter traffic flow. you can see the east shore freeway. let's look at the east shore freeway and the berkeley curve. interstate 80 moving around the bend. some lou clouds. that may drift over the oakland hills as well. cob an issue for the windshield wipers. you might need them for 880. christina and i are both tracking it. no major traffic effect. the map will show you the entire area. it moves smoothly, close to the limit down the east shore freeway. a little slowing heading over towards the richmond bridge and the toll plaza. no incidents there. we have one crash reported around old tunnel road. smooth drive out of the tunnel into the tunnel. no issues as far as walnut or lafayette. tri-valley, traditional build. a quick look at the peninsula for palo alto.
5:47 am
light, easy flow of trafx. the bay bridge. caltrans says the 32 bolts that snapped will have to stay in place. it is just too difficult to remove them. instead, a bridge spokesperson says they will have to use some sort of exterior fixture to keep them from loosening. the 288 bolts are supposed to help the bridge survive a large earthquake. caltrans is still deciding whether to replace the bolts an eight-year-old girl shot with an arrow in a class field trip. she is said to be in good spirts despite having surgery a couple of days ago. surgeons had to remove a 20-inch arrow from her thigh. she was shot during a field trip to lawrence hall of science in berkeley. the third grader says she was playing on a life size whale structure when she felt a shock. >> really big.
5:48 am
i'm only on this one little part sliding down. then, i got shot with an arrow. >> nadine says she sang taylor swift songs in the ambulance to try to stay calm. the inspiring singer and dancer is expected to make a full recovery. berkeley police still looking for the person that shot that crossbow. >> 5:50. the sharks with a big win. coming up, we'll tell you why a regular on the howard stern show is being credited with putting the sharks on the winning track. >> interesting questions about that app this morning. we'll take a look in business news. so... [ gasps ]
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welcome back. live pictures. a high-speed police chase going on in los angeles, hupting ton park area. we will continue to follow it for you. it is 5:53. we are also getting an inside look at a new manufacturing facility in the south bay. san jose's best dtronics openedp their new facility. a growing trend that they are bringing these factories back to america. that will translate into more jobs but not as many as you might respect. >> the number of jobs lost to china may not equal the number of jobs gained back here. no matter what politicians say about american manufacturing, the amount of stuff coming out of american factories has risen steadily over the next 20 years as jobs became fewer because of robots. 20 years ago, manufacturers went
5:52 am
to china for cheap labor. at some point, experts say our robots will be less expensive than our workers. that's when lots of jobs may come rushing back to america banks in cyprus are back open. blackberry posted a surprise profit. you will remember that britt earn teen that got a reported $30 million from yahoo! for his app. interesting questions raised by the blog, business insider, which points out nick daliosio licensed that app technology from mineral parks sri. the thing that made the app go nick didn't make. he has been very straightforward about his licensing deal. it does raise the question why yahoo! didn't rent the same software from sri. we have an e-mail into yahoo!.
5:53 am
if he is borrowing the software, why didn't you? >> it wouldn't be getting all this attention. we don't know if it is $30 million. if it is, you know -- everyone is talking about this kid. meteorologist, christina loren taking a look at the numbers. good morning, ladies. a good-looking day shaping up. temperatures are going to be on par, 70, inland, bayside, 66. at the coast, 61 degrees. subtropical showers sneaking in. a stray shower or two. a lot of people are trying to get out of town for the holiday. 55 degrees. no flight delays out of sfo. all flights on time out of atlanta, new york, chicago, and seattle.
5:54 am
expect rain there. what do you call two straight days of rain in seattle? a weekend. mike, over to you do you know what we call the bay bridge toll plaza, a mess sometimes. right now, it is clear. a smooth drive. reports that there is a big rig slowly moving or possibly stalled on the upper deck. we will get a look at san jose. a crash clearing south 880 at stevens creek. some slowing at the interchange. 101, just starting the second build. >> it is 5:56. could the san jose sharks have a new mascot. mercury news reports. erik lynch, his first hockey came ever. the sharks scored three goals in the first ten minutes. they went on to win it 4-0. that let them to speculate lynch, who lives in sacramento,
5:55 am
i may be the lucky charms. lynch won't be there tonight. he will be over in san francisco. >> being the lucky charm for the giants. we are keeping an eye on connecticut where new details about adam lanza are expected to be released any minute now. following the story. live update coming up. the rule is whenever i get something new,
5:56 am
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i have to get rid of something. shop like a fashionista. today i got these amazing designer heels. save like a maxxinista. what to get rid of this time? designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. new details about the shooting massacre at sandy hook. what they found inside adam lanza's house the day of the attack on trial for murder. a big decision that is affecting the freedom of oscar pistorius cash crunch in cyprus leads to long lines as banks reopen for the first time in two weeks. our unsettled subtropical weather pattern continues. highs right on track with
5:58 am
seasonal averages. rain continues in the forecast. by the weekend, potential for strong thunderstorms. stick around. your forecast is coming up. so those wet roads could affect your drive as it starts to build right now. i have a new crash right near one of your bridges that could affect your drive right now. >> we take you outside over the south bay. all those clouds covering that christina is monitoring for us. you made it to thursday, march 28th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marla tallez in for jon kelley. we begin with breaking news. just moments ago, a court in connecticut unsealed a number of affidavits in the newtown connecticut shootings. for the first time tell us what investigators found at adam lanza's home. "today in the bay's" arturo santiago is live in our newsroom with what we are learning.
5:59 am
good morning. good morning. these are warrants that have been sealed. that order expired yesterday. the warrants are related to the search of adam lanza's home and car. the information has just been released. we have just gun to look it all over. the expectation is that whatever information comes out of the warrants could give insight into the motives for the shooting massacre. it is previously reported that he had interest in other mass killings. authorities had discovered literature on other massacres at his home. he shot and killed his mother at their home and drove to sandy hook where he massacred 20 first graders and six educators. he shot and killed himself as police arrived at the school. some of the details in the warrants have been withheld such as the name of a witness, telephone numbers and several serial numbers of items that have been found. we are going to start g


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